Who Is Odyssey?

Odyssey has made world-renowned eurobeat for well over a decade. From contributing to avex trax's iconic Super Eurobeat series and Initial D soundtracks ("When The Sun Goes Down", "The Top"), to writing for amusement park attractions and rhythm games ("Half Pipe [Feel Alive]), to breaking new musical ground in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ("Discord", "Luna", "Diamond Dogs") and Touhou fandoms (Toho Eurobeat series), Odyssey has made tremendous progress in her mission: Share Eurobeat With The World.

...she's also writing this in third person at the moment, which is kinda weird, but whatever.

The Eurobeat World's (Pretty Pink) Pioneer

Who, uh, ELSE is Odyssey?

Does the name "Odyssey" not ring a bell? Even if "Eurobeat" is added to the end? How about these:

  • Ken Blast (Super Eurobeat, Initial D, Eurobeat Attack!!, A-One releases... don't forget, Ken is short for Kendra!)

  • Eurobeat Brony (Super Ponybeat series)

  • DNA Team (occasional appearances on Toho Eurobeat)

  • Ray Dynamo (a long time ago!)

  • Jessa / J. Stebbins

  • Mortimer (unrelated to Mortemer/Mortem3r)

(...oh, yeah. I also used to go by T. Stebbins / TJS for a little while. These are tied to a name I don't use anymore, so consider these legacy /retired credits. It's okay to have good memories of these aliases, though.)