(Presets, Freebies, and More Goodies)

Want to make your own Eurobeat?

You're in luck! I happen to sell a pack of presets for XFer Records' Serum, with sounds I continue to use to this very day! (No, seriously, I still use the brasses, like, every time I make a track!) I take the guesswork out of crafting the unique and characteristic sounds you'll only hear in eurobeat tracks. Check out FIRE for Xfer Serum on my Bandcamp page for more information!

How about a Freebie?

I've been there— aching to make great eurobeat but unable to afford the latest synths and presets. It sucked!

Don't you worry! I've also made a handful of presets for the free VST, PG-8X (an emulation of the Roland JX-8P by ML-VST, which you can check out here!)

Here is the Google Drive link to my free eurobeat presets for PG-8X! You can also click the "no money" picture to go there, if that's more your style.

Even MORE resources?

Over on my Discord server, we have a special channel that lists free and paid resources for music production in general and for eurobeat specifically, as well as channels for talking shop and sharing your recent works-in-progress with other producers. We'd love to see you there! (Click the mystery box or the link in above to go there!)